What you say to me is that I am self-destructive.

I have tendencies that foster obstruction in all things that are good

and use it to feed what is moonless 
in the pit of my stomach.

You say I break down the world into needless amounts of pieces 

and I should save the analyzing for the literature.

What I say to you is that I am all of those things. 

I am all of these things and I will continue to be what I am

until it is time for me to change.

I say the world was made out of pieces that are necessary to separate 
and there would not be literature if we did not tear life apart, 

and then bond what we tore open, back together.

The traits my father refers to as flaws

are the faults that let me live in art.

I will revel in the darkness I need to

in order to create what I must.

Alessia Di Cesare, You Say I Am Self-destructive. I Say ‘I Am’. (via featherumbrellas)
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i still have nightmares about you

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Drake wouldn’t treat me like this

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The tea has been spilled and it’s scalding
I have acid rain in my brain and it’s killing the flowers in my heart. Marianna Paige (via cavum)

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